Programs Include:

*Community Choice Waiver

*New Opportunities Waiver aka NOW

*Early Steps

*Adult Day Health Care Waiver-services for adults ages 65 or older and ages 21 and older who are disabled

*Support Waiver

*Children's Choice

*Targeted Support Coordination Services

What is Support Coordination? At its core, it is the arranging and monitoring of services for individuals or families. Support coordination provides families and persons with a disability the assistance of paid professionals who are responsible only to the family and the individual. We provide each qualified individual with an advocate for the consumer's goals and someone to monitor service delivery, to ensure health and safety, and to help improve the consumer's general quality of life.

For NOW, Support Waiver or Children's Choice services, contact the Office for Citizens with Disabilities Regional Office at (318) 362-5306 or Toll Free at 1-800-637-3131

For EPSDT Targeted Population, contact Statistical Resources, Inc at 1-800-364-7828

Each recipient of Medicaid waiver and targeted support coordination has the freedom to choose their providers. The individuals choice of support coordination or direct service provider does not affect their eligibility for the waiver and state-plan programs or support coordination services.

Complaints about Support Coordinators, support cordination agencies, or direct service providers may be reported to: Health Standards Section at 1-800-660-0488